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The first of many posts..

I am delighted to have bought Bell Tent Party Events and am looking forward to the challenges and adventures it will bring.

A little about me, I am a mum of four, wife, speech and language therapist and owner of Nanny&Co. nanny agency! 'Why another business?' I hear you cry. Well the truth is it all just fell into place.

I have lots of nannies on the agency books who are looking for additional work to supplement their day to day jobs and I started to look at potentially running wedding creches that are beautifully fitting of stylish weddings and entertaining for mini VIP's. I began to think a Bell Tent would be ideal.

Then this business popped up on my Facebook page and pow, I just thought 'Go for it!'

So the plan is we will be offering the excellent parties, that are expected from Bell Tent Party Events, adding some new concepts (1st birthday party packages and indoor camping sleepovers) as well as branching out into wedding creches in the coming months.

It will be a family affair, I have two older children who will be involved in helping, to earn their keep (!) and hubby undoubtedly will be chief tent drier!

Thank you for all your support, every comment, like, page share is really appreciated.

I'll be back soon with more info on our progress.

Check back soon
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