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How to Throw an Awesome Sleepover

Birthday parties can be a nightmare for us parents from the child's wish list to who to invite, to managing the day and managing expectations. Bell Tent Party Events is run by Jo, a mum of four and all of our franchisees are mum's and so we know only too well the ups and downs of children's parties. Our aim is to take away a bit of the stress, whilst providing a truly memorable party for your child, you know one of those parties that years later the children are still talking about.

In our travels around the many parties we have picked up a few hints and tips of ways to help the parties go with a swing and we thought we would share some of them here for you. These ideas will help you in you birthday planning.


Balloons add to the party and there are many amazing balloons around at the moment. I think balloons took a bit of a nose dive in popularity but they are well and truly back in the game and when you see our photos you will see why!

A Schedule

Some parties have a schedule of what is going to happen so all the guest know what to expect, this often is clear about what time is bed time! Other parties are more free flow and let the children make the timescale. Which would work best for you?


Some families choose to do an activity in the afternoon (usually something energetic such as a jump warehouse) others start the party in the early evening focusing on quieter activities such as a film night. We provide add ons such as a slime station, glow station, hot chocolate making kit or pamper station. We loved the cake decorating idea we saw recently too.

Party Theme

We take part in many themed parties, Unicorns are 2018's theme of choice, but we have been to many others. Often the food and entertainment match the theme and sometimes there is entertainment too, for example at our Bell Tent Party (Cheshire only) had a circus entertainer at one party.